Saturday, July 21, 2012

Arbeit Macht Fries

Here’s a rather sillier poster than the last one, to protest the brutal suppression of chips by McDonald’s in the London Olympics.

I fear it may have missed its ideal cultural moment, but it was a special request, so I couldn’t abandon it. Especially not after my wife came up with the amazing pun.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tax the Rich

Download in colour
Download in black and white

To celebrate the UK financial industry’s £92 million of lobbying last year, how about some political messaging? Anyone who follows me on twitter knows that I’m tiresomely interested in politics. For some time now I’ve been thinking about combining that interest with design by making some freely available political posters.

Anyone remember UK Uncut? I loved the simplicity of their message: don’t cut public services. Every other important principle for the Left right now follows logically from that. Austerity solves nothing. The government creates value. Firing people makes things worse, not better.

Any suggestions in that direction are shouted down with incomprehensible gibberish about bond yields. But there is a simple alternative to both cutting and borrowing. Tax the rich, you idiots. You say they’ll leave? What good are they doing here anyway if they don’t pay tax? It looks like the only thing approaching an economic plan that the Tories have is to convert Britain into a tax haven, where the idle rich can live in luxury, but the council can’t afford to collect the rubbish.

So here you are. Take my pig poster, and do what you will with it. It’s A3 size, in either colour or black and white.

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